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When launching the app you are presented with the Add Game screen.
  1. Enter the name of the Home Team
  2. Enter the name of the Opponent
  3. Set the Date & Time of the Game
  4. Enter the location or Field name
  5. Select whether to trak a Men’s or Women’s game. Based on the select you will be presented with different “Play” tiles.
  6. Select “Add Game
After Adding a Game you will be taken to the screen to track stats/score a game. To track a play:
  1. Select the Team
  2. Enter the Player number
  3. Select the Play(s) that the player will be credited for
  4. Select Save Play and repeat
As you enter plays, each play will display under the Play History section. To edit/delete a play:
  1. Swipe Left to display the “Edit Play” and “Delete” options
  2. Select “Edit Play” to edit a Play. Select or De-Select the Play Tiles
  3. Select “Update Play” after the desired edits have been made
  4. Select “Delete” to Delete a Play. Confirm that you want to delete the play.
If you need to edit the order of plays or enter/insert a missed play:
  1. Select “Edit” next to the Play History
  2. To adjust the order of the Enter Plays, select the bars (to the right of the entered play” and Drag to the desired location.
  3. If you are inserting a Play. Enter the Play, select Edit Play History and drag to the desired location
  4. You can also delete a Play by selecting the “minus” button to the Left of the entered Play
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